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​Our Mission And Vision



23C Helps Individuals, Families, Foundations, and Also Performs Other Random Acts Of Kindness To Those In Need. Let Us Know Who We Can Help Or Tell Us A Story Of Someone Who Is Helping Others.

Raise Awareness And Spread The Word Of Equality, Humanity, And 23C. Please Share, Like, Or Tweet About Our Cause. 23C


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23C Helps Individuals, Families, Foundations, and Performs Other Random Acts Of Kindness To Those In Need. Let Us Know Who We Can Help.

     We Believe that we can remind everybody that we are all created equal with 23 Chromosomes. Some may be more able at doing things, some smarter, some taller, some repressed, some rich, some poor, but we are all genetically the same Human Beings inside. We all have 23 pair of Chromosomes.

   We also believe that people should unify as Human Beings regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, caste, age, religion, ability, or nationality and that this is the way to make a positive change. 

We Hope That You Do Too.

​   We are all the same inside....Now, If we can just remind ourselves and others of this during the day, we can make a difference to people around us and hopefully be more understanding and compassionate towards others.

Sometimes, we just need a reminder to "put ourselves in other people's shoes". 23C was created for that purpose. Awareness through reminders and small gestures towards bettering someone's life.​

    Start small, open a door for somebody, help a neighbor, or if you are able to spend a couple dollars to make a point to a larger group, then get a support label or sticker and put in on something to remind people that...

We Are All 23C